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Chartwell Capital Ltd.

Advisory Services

Chartwell Capital provides specialized advisory services to the boards of directors and executive management of commercial banks, corporations and institutional investment clients.

Charles J. Thayer, Chairman, organized Chartwell Capital in 1990 following a twenty-year career in the banking industry. Thayer's experience as a bank financial executive, bank board member, corporate CEO, corporate board member, investment banker and investor provides Chartwell Capital with a unique perspective for advising both management and board members on a wide range of financial and governance issues.

Investment Banking Services

Chartwell Capital's investment banking services have focused on merger and acquisition advisory services for financial institutions. The American Banker, Bank Director Magazine and SNL M&A DataSource have all ranked Chartwell Capital among the nation's top M&A financial advisors.

Chartwell Publications

Thayer has written numerous articles for a variety of publications including Directors & Boards Magazine and Directors Digest. He has been a frequent speaker at banking and corporate governance programs. 

Thayer is the author of the following business books:

2017 > Bank Director Survival Guide

2016 > Credit Check - Given Credit Where Credit Is Due

2010 > It Is What It Is - Saving American West Bank

Thayer has contributed to the following business books:

1986 > Bank Director's Handbook: Chapter - Asset/Liability Management

1983 > Bankers Desk Reference: Chapter - The Financial Futures Market

Thayer's books are available online at the Amazon Bookstore.


Bank Advisory Services



Investment Banking Services

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Charles J Thayer
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