Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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  NEW BOOK PUBLISHED: "Credit Check"
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due 

  • Fifteen Short Stories
  • Twenty-Three Governance Articles

Credit Check is my tribute to many of the people, not all, who helped me navigate the challenges faced during my business career.

Many business 'friends' quickly fade away when the business relationship ends; a few become personal friends for decades. These short stories highlight the leadership they provided during challenging times and the importance of mentors.

The book also contains a collection of governance articles published by Directors & Boards and Directors Digest.


  BOOK PUBLISHED: "It Is What It Is"

  Saving AmericanWest Bank  



The true story of how AmericanWest Bank navigated the financial hurricane of 2008-09 and prevented seizure by the FDICwith a ground-breaking structure to recapitalize the Bank in December 2010.

 Available at the following locations!


Recommended Reading: Western Independent Bankers Association

Read a Real-Life Example of Winning Leadership

A recommended quick-read for all directors is a recently published book, It Is What It Is – Saving AmericanWest Bank – A Story of Leadership. Written by Charles Thayer, an advisor to the bank who is also chairman of the American Association of Bank Directors, the book focuses on how leadership at the bank made the difference between recapitalization and failure. 



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