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Bank Advisory Services

Chartwell specializes in providing advice to Executive Management and the Board of Directors of Regional & Community Banks.

During the past 25 years Chartwell has worked with the boards of a number of 'troubled' financial institutions to prepare the management assessments and management plans required by bank regulators. These assignments frequently include providing advice relating to capital planning.

The following client assignments illustrate the scope of assistance and advice provided by Chartwell Capital to a wide variety of Regional and Community Banks:

Stategic Advice:

  •     Conducted Strategic Planning Sessions at Board 'Retreats'   
  •     Evaluated strategic business plans.
  •     Advice on corporate governance (board & committee functions).
  •     Compensation Committees: Advice on preformance metrics.
  •     Audit Commitees: Advice on risk oversight.
  •     Evaluated 'Strategic Alternatives' (Buy and/or Sell)
  •     Advisor to the Board for acquisitions and divestitures.
  •     Advisor to management on post-acquisition integration & operation.
  •     Negotiated the acquisition of several clients by other financial institutions.

Management & Operational Advice:

  •     Conducted "Management Studies" per Regulatory Orders
  •     Evaluated asset/liability management.
  •     Evaluated finance and accounting functions.
  •     Evaluated broker/dealer and capital markets activities.
  •     Evaluated audit and loan review functions.
  •     Advice on investor relations and stock liquidity.
  •     Advisor for outsourcing of trust investment management.
  •     Advisor for outsourcing of systems design and data processing.
  •     Advisor for outsourcing of internal audit.
  •     Advisor for sale of a stock transfer business.
  •     Advisor for sale of a bankcard merchant processing business.
  •     Initiated the acquisition of branch banks from a competitor.
  •     Advisor for the acquisition of a data processing company.

Financial Advice (Banks & Institutional Investors)

  •     Advice on financing alternatives for financial institutions.
  •     Advice on private placements for financial institutions.
  •     Evaluate potential bank investments for institutional investors.
  •     Evaluate 'troubled' bank financing plans for institutional investors.

In addition to its various banking clients, Chartwell has undertaken projects for several state banking associations.
Specific client relationships are confidential.

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