Friday, February 22, 2019

Corporate Advisory Services

Chartwell's clients have included:

  •     Boards of Directors   
  •     Special Board Committees
  •     Executive Management
  •     Institutional Investors

Chartwell's Chairman & Managing Director has served as:

  •     CEO of a NYSE listed company
  •     EVP Finance of a NYSE listed bank
  •     EVP & CFO of a NASDAQ listed bank

Board of Directors experience includes:

  •     NYSE and NASDAQ Listed Companies
  •     Member of Independent Directors Committee
  •     Member of Executive Committee
  •     Member of Merger/Acquisition Committees
  •     Member of Risk Oversight Committee
  •     Chair of Compensation Committee
  •     Chair of Investment Committee
  •     Chair of Audit Committee

This 'hands-on' experience helps Chartwell provide practical advice to CEOs and board members:

  •     Board Governance & Organization
  •     Business Strategy & Financial Advice
  •     "Restructuring" Advice
  •     Merger & Acquisition Advice

Management Transition Experience:

<st1:personname w:st="on">Chartwell </st1:personname>has provided advice to clients or its Managing Director has served on boards involving assessement and transition issues - including board assessments and the selection of over thirty senior executives for banks, corporations and non-profits.

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