Friday, February 22, 2019

Chartwell Solutions

Chartwell’s assignments have included assisting boards and management with solutions for a wide variety of information, governance and operating issues. Many of our clients have found web based ‘portal’ technology to offer a secure, versatile and cost effective solution to address specific board and management information requirements.

Online information portals are:

  •  Secure: Clients control access - encrypted information limited to authorized users.
  • Versatile: Web based portals can be accessed by authorized users from any location (at work, home or on the road) using any standard web browser.
  • Cost Effective: No software to buy or install. Portal services utilize existing desktop or laptop computers - no special equipment or software to purchase. 

Portal technology has a wide variety of applications for corporations, financial institutions, non-profits, institutional investors and other organizations. Chartwell clients are currently utilizing the following portal applications:

Board InsightTM - Board Portal

Our online solution improves board communication with a secure, easy-to-use platform providing instant access to board and committee meeting materials. No need to print, assemble and distribute traditional board books.  Simply upload new information and last minute changes to the board portal.


SATracTM - Special Asset Management Solution

Replace spreadsheets with SATrac, our specialized web-based service designed to help financial institutions more effectively manage foreclosed property. Powerful reporting tools, online document storage, flexible pricing.


Portal solutions have been developed in partnership with VenuLex Solutions (, a provider of portal solutions since 2000 for a wide variety of organizations coast-to-coast.  

Please contact to obtain additional information and schedule an online demonstration.

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